JavaScript Engineer at 1Place


The link to the announce is here.

Ok, It’s a friend searching for some JavaScript Ninja.

2000px-ninja-kanji-svg The working place is not Tokyo, just Paradise. A bunch of nice French people are around. mmm…More then all that, before some American company with a brain buy the all company, the project is just the thing that every one on earth need. Me, you, everybody, from India to Uzbekistan. An idea is nothing if you can’t make it happen. (I have lots of ideas…and you see, as Poor as Job) My friend is some kind of Code Mercenary.


He was coding before walking, all the biggest bank IT chief speak of him with respect mix with fear. The guy in himself is modest and good, he just have a The Idea, and probably a nice reason with long hairs to keep him in Japan. I do respect the guy, (he was nice enough to spear some time for me, skipping some appointment with Mitsuisomething ) and you have some link with the programing world when you meet him you will put a nee on the ground, and pledge obedience instinctively.


To go back to the subject…Before #Google #Apple #whateverthef finally understand the interest of the project move to be in the castle.

The link to the announce is here.




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